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Agluna® Antimicrobial Surface Technology Surpasses 2,000 Custom Clinical Device Applications

Accentus Medical is pleased to announce the application of its proprietary Agluna® silver ion based antimicrobial surface treatment to in excess of 2,000 custom patient specific orthopaedic devices. Following the first implant in 2006, this innovative surface technology has been successfully applied to an increasing range of custom clinical applications across the global orthopaedic market, including femoral, tibial, hemipelvic, humeral and cranioplasty devices.

Agluna® surface treatment incorporates antimicrobial silver ions within an anodised titanium implant surface, to assist in mitigating the risk of post-operative infection by reducing the likelihood of biofilm formation on the implant surface. Silver ions are then released from the implant’s surface by dissolution into body fluids during the weeks and months following surgery, when patients are at highest risk of post-operative infection. Silver ions have broad spectrum antimicrobial efficacy and have displayed relatively limited susceptibility to antimicrobial resistance. The distinctive purple anodised titanium oxide film gives the Agluna®-treated implant an improved durability and wear resistant surface based upon laboratory studies.

Dr Philip Agg, CEO, said: “The Accentus Medical team is proud to have surpassed this milestone of 2,000 custom orthopaedic implants. Agluna® has met the original design criteria of delivering antimicrobial efficacy during the near-term post-operative period when patients are at highest risk of infection complications, while avoiding undesirable toxicological side affects that can arise from excess silver. Agluna® is now coming of age, and over recent years we have broadened the range of commercial distribution channels, with a consequent acceleration in clinical adoption across the global orthopaedic market.”

With its specialty focus on biocompatible implant coatings, Accentus Medical has developed a range of proprietary silver antimicrobial orthopaedic coatings, including Agluna® and also Acusure Ag®, in addressing alternative implant substrates. The company maintains an active research & development program to broaden this range of clinical applications across an increased range of substrate materials and implants.


For further information, please contact:
Philip Agg, CEO
T: +44 (0)1235 434328