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About Us

Accentus Medical is a leading medical technology company that combines over 20 years of expertise in commercial supply of clinically proven surface coating and modification technologies, with dedicated research and development of new technologies for the medical device industry. The Accentus Medical team is renowned for its scientific expertise, medical device experience and track record for responsive, high quality service.

Our Acusure® range of surface coatings are designed to improve both biocompatibility and durability of orthopaedic and certain other implantable medical devices. The Acusure® range includes a series of thermal plasma sprayed Hydroxyapatite, Titanium and Cobalt Chrome metallic coatings that have been in worldwide clinical usage for more than 20 years.

The company is also pioneering the commercial application of innovative and proprietary medical device surface treatments incorporating silver ions, to produce anti-microbial surfaces designed to reduce the risk of near-term post-operative infection. The Agluna® surface technology incorporates anti-microbial silver ions into the surface of titanium and titanium alloy implantable medical devices. Agluna® has undergone successful clinical application since 2006 in the field of custom-made and modular tumour replacement prostheses, and is being adopted across an expanding range of limb salvage and complex revision devices. The technology also has potential to assist in prevention of post-operative infection across a range of implantable device sectors. The company has also developed its proprietary Acusure Ag® coating incorporating silver ions into plasma sprayed hydroxyapatite coatings.

In addition to in-house research and development activities, Accentus Medical works collaboratively with major orthopaedic and medical device manufacturers, on a global basis, to develop and supply novel surface treatments and coatings.

The company is also a recognised supplier of medical device regulatory testing services, and manufacturers have repeatedly included test results generated by Accentus Medical’s in-house laboratories for many years, in their medical device file approval submissions.