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Bone or tissue integration

Accentus Medical’s proprietary Acusure® inert gas plasma spray coatings are designed to provide biocompatible and durable fixation of cementless implants to the host bone or other tissues.

Clinical studies undertaken by both Accentus Medical and its customers have proved the safety and efficacy of Acusure® coatings and several of the coatings in this range have been in continuous clinical usage for more than twenty years(1)(2)(3). Devices incorporating Acusure® have been used in all regions of the world including Europe, Americas and Asia Pacific, and an estimated more than three hundred thousand patients are benefiting from Acusure® coated implants.

Acusure Ag® has been developed to provide an innovative, proprietary coating incorporating antimicrobial silver ions into the Acusure® hydroxyapatite plasma spray coating.  This coating is designed to provide a local antimicrobial effect in the vicinity of the clinical implant, while maintaining the essential osseointegrating efficacy and marketing aesthetics of the hydroxyapatite coating.

Acusure® and Acusure Ag® coatings have been applied in a range of clinical applications, including hip, knee, extremity and spine implants, as well as more complex surgical fields such as limb salvage and amputation devices.