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Accentus Medical launches Combined Agluna® – Acusure Ag® Silver Antimicrobial Surface Technologies

Accentus Medical is pleased to announce the unique combined application of its proprietary Agluna® and Acusure Ag® silver ion based antimicrobial surface technologies. The technology combination enables enhanced silver ion coverage of the implant surface, with Agluna® treatment on soft tissue contacting areas and Acusure Ag® on osseointegrating areas. This represents a further step forward by the company in bringing innovative surface coating technologies targeted to drive superior clinical outcomes in device surgery.

Agluna® surface treatment incorporates antimicrobial silver ions within an anodised titanium implant surface, to assist in mitigating the risk of post-operative infection by reducing the likelihood of biofilm formation on the implant surface. Silver ions are then released from the implant’s surface by dissolution into body fluids during the weeks and months following surgery, when patients are at highest risk of post-operative infection. Silver ions have broad spectrum antimicrobial efficacy and have displayed relatively limited susceptibility to antimicrobial resistance. The distinctive purple anodised titanium oxide film gives the Agluna®-treated implant an improved durability and wear resistant surface based upon laboratory studies.

Acusure Ag® is an innovative coating in which antimicrobial silver ions are incorporated by a proprietary chemical process into the Acusure® hydroxyapatite plasma spray coating.  The surface concentration of silver ions is carefully controlled during the manufacturing process so as to maintain the essential osseointegrating efficacy and marketing aesthetics of the hydroxyapatite coating, while also providing sufficient silver ions to provide a local antimicrobial effect in the vicinity of the clinical implant.

Dr Philip Agg, CEO, said: “In response to growing demand from our expanding customer base, the Accentus Medical team is proud to have brought together its proprietary Agluna® and Acusure Ag® antimicrobial surface technologies in combination onto a single implant. This represents another significant milestone in the company’s development. With current application to a range of custom patient specific devices, we look forward in due course to broadening application across mainstream orthopaedic devices.”

The company maintains an active, ongoing research & development program to broaden its portfolio of proprietary surface technologies across an increased range of substrate materials and implants.


For further information, please contact:
Philip Agg, CEO
T: +44 (0)1235 434328


Accentus Medical is a world leader in clinically established biocompatible surfaces for the implantable medical devices market.