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Advancing Clinical Adoption for Acusure Ag® Antimicrobial Coating on Innovative Amputee Device

Accentus Medical is pleased to announce the advancement in clinical adoption of its proprietary antimicrobial Acusure Ag® coating on an innovative orthopaedic device enabling external surgical implants to be directly attached into bone. Distributed by Signature Orthopaedics, a pioneering commercial partner of Accentus Medical, the Acusure Ag® coating has undergone evaluation since 2016 applied to custom endo-exo implants for amputee patients. The implants include a modular prosthesis designed to osseointegrate with the intermedullary canal of the femur to act as a transcutaneous, distal intramedullary device, with a distal external coupling system serving to connect with the above knee amputation prosthetic.

The SignatureOrthoTM endo-exo prostheses coated with Acusure Ag® were subject of the inaugural North American Amputee Osseointegration Association meeting convened at the 2021 Annual Meeting of American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons in San Diego, California.

Dr Declan Brazil, CEO of Signature Orthopaedics said: “We are very excited to be advancing SignatureOrthoTM with the Acusure Ag® coating. This unique device concept demonstrates the power of successful collaboration between a market-driven orthopaedic device company and an innovative surface technology company such as Accentus Medical in delivering enhanced clinical outcomes within the orthopaedic market.”

Dr Philip Agg, CEO, said: “Accentus Medical is proud to be supporting the advancing clinical evaluation and adoption of this groundbreaking device targeted at restoring mobility and quality of life for amputee patients globally. We look forward to supporting Signature Orthopaedics and their pioneering global surgeon network with this exciting endeavour through supply of our proprietary Acusure Ag® coating to SignatureOrthoTM implants. There are currently more than 2 million people living with limb loss in the USA alone, a number that is expected to double by 2050. That represents a substantial market opportunity for this exciting new orthopaedic technology.”


For further information, please contact:
Philip Agg, CEO
T: +44 (0)1235 434328